Celtic Thunder

Mom and I went to B & N to find Dracula to read for our book club that some of the women from church has formed. While waiting to check out, I saw this cd and decided to buy it because I like Irish music. It is from a band called Celtic Thunder and the cd is Act Two. I HIGHLY recommend it! The last song is very touching, and one that you need to pay attention to to get the story. Check them out. You will NOT regret it.

Today – Here Comes The Sun – Wish I Didn’t Have – Heidi Ho

We go
We stay
Today is the day
Our night turns
To day
Last night
Had run
Last night
Didn’t want day
To come

Here comes the sun
To shine it’s rays
Warm us from the inside
And show us the way

Wish I didn’t have
This to think about
Wish I didn’t have
This to worry about
Wish, wish, wish
Help me to understand
Help me to stay strong
Help me to help you

Way to go
Won’t you stay

Invisible Door – Profile So Fine – I See Your Face In My Dreams

At times I wonder
Can you see the forest, or
Are there too many trees
Are my dreams out of reason
Are they past their season
All I wanted was to be
What was it I wanted?
All I wanted was to be
Be with you
If I captured you
Would you have your freedom
I thought I had captured you
But you only flew away
Did I see your personage
Standing in front of me
The other day?
No is all you said.
But, of course. How could I be so deranged?
Will you ever be able to see
Past your invisible door?

Profile so fine
Body in a straight
Spirit so sweet
You’ve become one
Gentle, kind, and loving
You’re a giant to me
Strong testimony felt
My heart ends up
Made possible through the Son
In the gospel to be

I see your face in my dreams
You’re smiling, it always seems
I’m smiling also, but not for long
Can you tell me what has gone wrong
We used to be friends turned into lovers
Always hiding underneath the covers