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Captured! Ogham stones held in iron bands at UCCCaptured! Ogham stones held in iron bands at UCC

The Scythian King Fénius Farsaid lived at the time of the building of the Tower of Babel – some stories suggest that he had a hand in its construction. He gathered around him a group of scholars and methodically researched the new languages which were being spoken by the dispersed builders of the tower. Their work produced four languages: Hebrew, Greek, Latin and – the most sophisticated – Ogham. _ogham

Thus was the story that the bards of old related to explain the carvings on Ogham Stones (sometimes spelled Ogam but always pronounced oh-am) which are found in northern Europe, the greatest number being in the South West of Ireland.

King Fénius named each of the letters of the Ogham alphabet after his best scholars – 25 in all. The ‘letters’ are in fact simple lines inscribed on stone, either on opposite sides of a…

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On “Survivor Cow” …

hack deeper

Some readers noted that I seemed pessimistic in a recent post.  As if, with all that is going on in the world today, we are simply trapped in a hopeless situation.

Well, I was thrilled today to hear about Survivor Cow, a courageous cow who fell into a lake and swam to shore on a small island in the Irish countryside.


This brave bovine, while stranded, gave birth to a healthy calf, yet found herself in a precarious situation:  no one was feeding her on this island–she was thought to have mysteriously disappeared–yet even if she were able to swim back to her fields, her young baby couldn’t possibly swim back to shore with her.  So, she did what any cow in her situation would do.  She ate.

And she ate.  Week after week, she nursed her calf and ate everything green on that island.  She did not panic and abandon…

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Dreamwork: From the “Life is But A Dream” Department

All the Snooze That's Fit to Print

What’s your purpose?

One quick way to unlock the messages in a dream is to consider the objects or characters in a dream and ask each one: “What’s your purpose?”

This question can be asked of any object in a dream: a rhinosaurus, a bicycle, a loaf of bread, an elevator, or a cloud.

For example, I had a dream about a coffee pot sometime back. I don’t drink coffee, nor do I own a coffee pot. So what was such an object doing in my dream? Using “active imagination” I simply thought about the coffee pot in my dream, and asked, “What is you purpose?”

I don't have a coffee pot in my kitchen. But one turned up in my dreams. I don’t have a coffee pot in my kitchen. But one turned up in my dreams.

A coffee pot is something I use (and borrow) only when company comes to visit. Brewing a pot of coffee makes people feel warm and welcomed. The one that…

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Free Tesla Energy Reborn Through Judy Beebe

Winging with Whitehawk

This is important information my friends. In 1994, a woman in Montana had an action-packed OBE (out of body experience) in which Nikola Tesla appeared and mentored her to create THE energy device that can literally heal the planet, and everyone on it.

Oh, and run all our devices and appliances as well.

Sounds crazy perhaps, but the more exposure I have to Ms. Beebe’s efforts, the more I realize what she’s doing is HUGE, and it must be encouraged to thrive as a new technology. Perhaps even THE new technology.

NEW_GEM_MACHINE-406x377Following is a one-hour interview between host Adam Abraham and Judy Beebe. (Judy also has her own youtube channel for anyone interested to keep up with her personal posts). There might be more concise presentations among her videos than this particular interview provides… I haven’t seen them all yet.

Judy’s trails include a 40-year career in medicine, so…

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Puzzle Crazy?

Optimistic Kid

I don’t know about you guys, but I can’t solve a Rubik’s Cube if my life depended on it.  It probably has something to do with the fact that I can’t concentrate on one thing for long periods of time.  It always blows my mind when I see people finish them in under a minute or some crazy time…  Well, to make me feel even more inferior someone designed the “X Cube Puzzle”.   This can’t be real life. How can someone concentrate for that long???  X Cube

It would take me months to solve a regular Rubik’s Cube, I can’t even imagine how long it would take me to solve the X Cube.  Heck, wouldn’t even know how to hold it.  That thing is gigantic.  Do you you know how to solve an X Cube?  If you do…you are my hero.   Rumor hast it that the trick is painting…

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