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Some readers noted that I seemed pessimistic in a recent post.  As if, with all that is going on in the world today, we are simply trapped in a hopeless situation.

Well, I was thrilled today to hear about Survivor Cow, a courageous cow who fell into a lake and swam to shore on a small island in the Irish countryside.


This brave bovine, while stranded, gave birth to a healthy calf, yet found herself in a precarious situation:  no one was feeding her on this island–she was thought to have mysteriously disappeared–yet even if she were able to swim back to her fields, her young baby couldn’t possibly swim back to shore with her.  So, she did what any cow in her situation would do.  She ate.

And she ate.  Week after week, she nursed her calf and ate everything green on that island.  She did not panic and abandon…

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