Final Moments

Chris Martin Writes

It’s time. I heard talk that this day would arrive, but inside, secretly, I have been praying that it would never happen. It just doesn’t seem fair. To have something so precious given to me, and now I am forced to watch while it’s taken away. Maybe I’m just being selfish, but right now, in this moment, I don’t care. I feel like I have every right to be angry. No one could possibly understand what I’m going through. It’s been a mystery from the very beginning. Some have shown me support through the years. Others have turned their backs on me.

A deep, heavy feeling of despair has wrapped it’s arms around me. It began earlier this morning when I awoke. I didn’t get much sleep, but what little I did consisted mainly of bad dreams and visions of impending darkness. I have been unable to do anything today…

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