elemental design

finding home

There are those who think money is essential in creating something architecturally beautiful. Elaborate finishes, rich materials and custom elements do ratchet up building costs but one need only look around to see that pricey elements are also attributes to a lot of ugly.

I posit that what sets the graceful and beautiful apart from the awkward and homely does not have a price tag attached to it at all. Any thing of great loveliness possesses three magnificent qualities: composition, balance and proportion, none of which cost a dime. To the common eye, this essential triptych of good design goes beautifully unseen. You just instinctively know when something is pretty or looks perfect. These are the mystical tools of any good artist, sculptor and architect whose adept eyes and hands can take basic elements and alchemize them into something extraordinary. This creative orchestration – not monetary expenditure – is what…

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