Designer Tip: How to Decorate with Limited Wall Space

AMA Designs

Have you ever stared at an awkward wall in your home and thought, “What on earth do I put there?” In small apartments, old homes, or rooms with lots of windows — often you are left with limited wall space.  So how do you decorate a room with little wall space? Problem solved my friends…..

First things first, you must work with what you got, be creative, and have fun!

For rooms with limited wall space, try one of the following tips:

  • Gallery Wall Style 1: Display your favorite photographs in a grid or at random for visual interest
  • Gallery Wall Style 2: Add a floating shelves and lean artwork, picture frames against the wall. It is also easy to switch out pictures and add more by sliding more frames onto the shelf (less holes in the wall too!)
  • Gallery wall Style 3: Cluster mirrors together in different sizes. I…

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