This is not your typical Mother’s Day Story or Tribute

Writings of a Mrs Mommy

This is not your typical Mothers Day story or tribute.  It is a real story of love, tragedy, sorrow and grief.  Sadly this isn’t a story at all, it’s a reality, my reality.

I went to school for funeral services, it is a two year program. One year in school and the second year is a paid internship year that you work in funeral services and also complete assignments.  To graduate from the program and get your license you must then pass a practical examination and final exams for school and then you have to write board exams.  Two days of intense examinations.

During my time as an intern I had to deal with many families and every situation was always emotionally heightened given the circumstances.  I often had to dig deep with in myself to deal with the weightiness of what it means to be a funeral director on…

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