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Last column, we saw some of the basics of modular origami with the Sonobe unit.  Today’s post is mostly a gallery of a few of the limitless cool things you can do with this unit.  But first, a note about chirality. A three-dimensional object is chiral if it cannot be superimposed on its mirror image, which means that it has no plane of bilateral symmetry. And in fact, the Sonobe unit is chiral.  For the units we made last time, you folded one top corner to the right,


so we will call those right-handed Sonobe units.  It is also possible to fold the other top corner to the left, and that produces a left-handed Sonobe unit.


You may read on the web that “you must never mix left-handed and right-handed Sonobe units.”  Like many things you find on the Internet, that’s an exaggeration.  A…

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