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How many times when you’ve gotten a muscle cramp have you heard that you are low in potassium and the solution is to eat a banana?  I’ve heard it from tons of fitness professionals and it drives me bonkers!  Bananas aren’t the only source of potassium and for most people I don’t think is the correct go-to food regardless.  Bananas are super high in sugar and if that sugar isn’t used as energy it gets stored as fat.  Pictured above I’ve used Calorie King to compare the nutritional breakdown of avocados and bananas.  If it’s potassium you’re going for you’re better off reaching for an avocado!  Avocados also have more dietary fiber, protein, and calcium.  Power food?  I think so.  Bananas are less calorically dense than avocados but if weight loss is a priority bananas aren’t the fruit you should reach for anyway.


Not all foods are created equal, nor…

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