Can also go to for eye exercises

the paris apartment

i just think it’s cool that happiness is part of our national constitution. hi all, happy saturday! the shot above made me happy and prompted a quick post. (hmmm, is that an oxymoron)?

well it would be quick but i just wanted to include something i’m into today that may interest you too. it doesn’t have to do with decor per se but it does have to do with design in a way. is there anything more intricate, mysterious and better designed than the human eye? and where would we be without them? a couple years ago i started noticing my 20/20 vision was getting blurry up close. years ago a teacher in yoga class mentioned ocular exercises in passing. i kept it in the back of my head and whenever i did them in the morning, my sight was better all day.


everyone i’ve ever discussed it with…

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