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Bottled Water costs more per gallon than oil.

Stop buying bottled water.  These bottles are not only polluting our oceans, they are poisoning consumers directly.  Where tap water is highly scrutinized by the EPA, bottled water is virtually unregulated.  Companies like Coca-Cola, Pepsi and Nestle profit from bottled water sales.  Water has become a multibillion dollar industry based on the hoax that bottled water is cleaner than water that comes from the tap.  This simply is not true.  When tested, bottled water has proved to contain more chemicals.   The plastic bottles used are made from PET and contain BPA.  This toxin, even in the lowest doses and can lead to infertility, cancer, obesity, diabetes and other diseases that plague our world today.  Citizens living in towns neighboring the PET production plants are contracting disease at devastating rates.  Do not support the bottled water industry.

If you’re not comfortable drinking directly from…

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