Some, but not much

Wow! I didn’t realize it’s been so long since I’ve written. Anyway, I’ve been chatting with a guy from Ghana (that’s in West Africa) since the 17th of Oct. He says he loves me, but I just don’t see how when it’s all been online.
I had my hair up in a type of bun today and just now (10 pm) took it down. As I saw how I looked with my hair bordering my face I thought, hmmm, I look pretty good. Then I thought that perhaps Kyle wished he were still here to tell me so, but I already know. As the days go by it gets easier, but I so much want to see him again.


One thought on “Some, but not much

  1. Rebecca, be careful. There’s a lot of guys from Ghana who are trying to get citizenship to US and money from American women.I’m sure you looked really pretty with your hair framing your face.

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