Rent deposit

So, I haven’t gotten my rent deposit back from the apts in Moreno Valley. I called the manager(?, the lady Kyle and I worked with while there) I think around the beginning of this month asking about the money. The reason she told me for not giving it back was 1)the owner couldn’t find a written notice of me moving, but two is what gets me, 2)there are people who say they are going to move and then don’t. Well, I moved. I told her in May, and in June I was leaving, and gave her the keys in person. I mentioned this to Amy and she said to write a letter stating that I gave notice, and that I gave the keys back in person, and that if I didn’t get the deposit back by Oct 1, that I was going to seek legal advice. Well, I did write the letter, and mailed it. Tomorrow is Oct 1 and I haven’t heard anything. Am I right to seek legal advice? Should I go through with it? (The deposit is $1000) I sure could use the money, and the bishop this past Sunday mentioned that we need to believe in miracles more. If I do get it tomorrow, it will be a miracle. These are my thoughts. Did you get lost, or were you able to hang on?

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