Shortly after Kyle passed, I have had an interest in these matchmaking sites. I don’t know why. I’ve signed up for several (ummm…17). I have only paid for one, That is $50 for 1 month. Why did I pay? Can’t answer that satisfyingly. I will say that there was a guy interested in wanting to know more and I could only look at his profile by paying. What I don’t like about these sites is that I have to pay to be able to either look at the persons profile, or their picture, or being able to write to them. But of course, that is how they make the money. So my question is this, why am I joining these sites when I’m not able to go any further without paying? Why do I have this inner curiousness to join them? I shouldn’t even have a desire yet is my thinking. And why are 85-95% of the people interested of the brown skin color? (Not that that’s bad, but, come on! Give me more variety.)


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