I go to church to listen to the lessons and talks that have been prepared so I can learn something new to better myself. How can I do that when others make noise throughout so that it’s hard to concentrate? Why are members nowadays come to church more as a social gathering than as a way to partake of the sacrament and listen for themselves so they can become a better person? What happened to reverence? Why do you go to church?


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  1. Becky, I agree that it can be distracting when people around you make unnecessary noise, but you have to have a spirit of love for them during your meetings so that you can feel the spirit instead of annoyance. These people are just happy to see their friends and families and when you understand that maybe it won’t be such an annoyance. On the other hand, I remember when I was growing up our bishop read a letter from the First Presidency that told parents to take noisy children out of Sacrament meetings so that the spirit of reverence and worship could be preserved for other members of the congregation, and that Sacrament was not to be a training ground for appropriate behavior – that instruction on church behavior should take place during FHE – but that seems to have changed quite a bit, though.

  2. I do agree that noisy children should be taken out. I think that visiting should take place while PASSING in the halls, or before & after church. BUT, when you have more that one child & a husband that is not present – either at home, working or on the stand – it makes it VERY difficult to keep those children settled & quiet. If you step out into the halls, there are other children out there who are being noisy & they all think it's time to play, making it even harder to keep them quiet. AND, when you are a stay at home mom with little or no adult interaction except when at church, it makes it very hard to keep the socializing to a minimum. Not that I'm making excuses for anyone.

  3. I think FHE is the best time to teach children about reverence during Sacrament and while in the halls. Also, I think Church is about fellowshipping–and we are social creatures by birth. As long as we remember the main reason why we’re there, it’s o.k. to socialize, but I also think we should show some respect for the chapel as it is more sacred than the rest of the building. the lyrics of that old Primary song–“The Chapel Doors…” come to mind…. In other words, let’s leave the conversation about Brad and Angelina’s newest public “spat” for the checkout line at Ralph’s, shall we? Now,what page was that song about Jesus dying on the cross?…

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