My Soul Hungered – Away In A Manger – Stubborn As A Mule

My soul hungered
When I wasn’t
My soul shrank
When you weren’t so
I counted the days
Your message to me
Wasn’t all that
You not coming back
Is what I

Away in a manger
No crib for His bed
Herod found out
All but one were to be dead

Stubborn as a mule
That’s what I call you
Never going anywhere
Never doing anything


3 thoughts on “My Soul Hungered – Away In A Manger – Stubborn As A Mule

  1. I like these, too. The first one makes me sad, the second one is clever, and the third leaves me wanting for more.Have you read any of Emily Dickinson’s poems? They are similar to your style. I think of you when I read them and I think you will enjoy them. Many are riddles and you have to figure out what she is talking about.One of my favorite ones go like this:The heart asks pleasure first,And then, excuse from pain;And then, those little anodynes*That deaden suffering;And then, to go to sleep;And then, if it should beThe will of its Inquisitor,The liberty to die.And another:Some things that fly there be,-Birds, hours, the bumble-bee:Of these no elegy.Some things that stay there be,-Grief, hills, eternity:Nor this behooveth me.There are, that resting, rise.Can I expound the skies?How still the riddle lies!Do you like these?

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