Progression – Holy – Knowing

I went looking for a seashell
What I found was a crab
I went looking for the ocean
What I found was a pad
We ruin our land, make it waste
We ruin our souls, make them paste
I went looking for a meadow
What I found was gravel
I went looking for horses
What I found was marble
We ruin nature, no more to belong
We ruin bodies, no more a song
We grow up wanting to be free
We make choices not thinking of what’s to be
We need to stop at times and smell the roses
We don’t want our lives filled with greed

I have come
I have gone and
My time is all but

We know
We think
We speak
Put these together
We become
I in you
You in me
We become
Never to be
Taken apart


One thought on “Progression – Holy – Knowing

  1. Hi, sweetie pie. Now I can comment on your blog rather than having to send my comments via email.Becky, your post beginning “I went looking for a seashell…” seems to be so right on with many of us some of the time, and all too often most of the time. The good part is that when we do smell the roses, we need not find ourselves, and our world, in this predicament.I like it.When did you compose this one?

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