Crime In New York – George – For The Want Of Memory

My love came and went
I never knew it was here
Why didn’t you tell me?
Did you not evidence it either?
We were too good for each other
Everyone told us so, but we
Didn’t want to believe
Our love came and went
Was it really there all along?
Were we so blind to see?
As I look back I think I see
I see a small trail we left behind
Your love came and never went
My vision was blurred to the fact
Why did you still love me?
Why did you still hang on?
You left me stronger than you found
You left me weaker; I need your link back
Our love came, but never went
It was only the public in my mind
It was only them trying to drown us
Our strength together is now tight as
Crime in New York

Where are you going
Why are you crying
I’ll cover your feet
This crowd can be so mean

For The Want Of Memory
The beach is warm
The sand is certainly smooth
The waves are picturesque
People are walking in the groove
The stores are open
So many sights to see
Population is mixed
Our lives together we weave
The sun is high in the sky
The moon also can be seen
This red rose I give to you
A token of my love I do mean
The rush of the cars
The whirl of the wind
For want of memory
My mind I do send


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